Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring brings lots of work to do...

Spring is here! Yay!

Oh no, now there's too much to do.

In the next month, in addition to all the usual life things like working, cooking, cleaning,  homework, church, family stuff, starting April 1 I have:

  • A garden to plan.
  • An invention party to plan and hold.
  • A stick house to finish.
  • Four soccer games and as many or more practices as assistant coach (Ha! That's sounds so funny: me as assistant coach.)
  • Library books to return and new ones to check out.
  • A soccer goal to put together for our yard.
  • A dirty filthy car to wash from all the snow and mud.
  • Hominy bake to make for Easter.
  • Host 8 people for Easter dinner.
  • Make jello and rice krispie eggs for Easter instead of coloring eggs.
  • Hide Easter eggs. 
  • Purchase or make and bring snacks for soccer practice.
  • Attend a Spring Tea for women's fellowship.
  • Our pastor's family/babysitting crew in a community theater play that I want to take Brady to.
  • Dry creek beds to walk in with our new metal detector (thanks brother, Dave!) before poison ivy takes over, as well as ticks and mosquitoes and snakes.
  • A work day for our church's upcoming sale.
  • Brady's spring school program.
  • Line up grandparents' day at school for Brady.
  • Walnuts to crack before we collect more in the fall and before it gets too hot out.
  • Wheat to grind before we collect more around harvest time.
  • Old bottles to clean before I find new ones. 
Yikes! It makes the winter seem very laid back. I better get on it!

What has spring brought for you to work on?

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