Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Funny things Brady says... about commercials...

For years, Brady only ever watched commercial-free PBS or Noggin, or DVDs. Lately he's become a fan of stations like Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic, and sometimes Nick, so is now being exposed to commercials. And he loves them.

Some particular favorites are the Geico pig. "That pig's talking, hee hee hee." Or the Geico Gecko when he wants to make a dramatic commercial and says, "Somebody helllllp meeeeee. I have a flat tiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrre." Brady cracks up at that one.

Most recently, "Mommy, we HAVE to get those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are SO cool."

To which I say, "Sure, you can buy them with your money, or wait until a holiday or your birthday."

But he's also enamored by the infomercials. "Mommy, we HAVE to get Flex Seal Bright. We'd never have to have someone repair the roof again!" Or, "Mommy, why is everything just $19.95?" Or, "You know, Grandma Sandy has one of those Forever Comfys, and I have to admit, it really is comfy." Or, "Mommy, Wichita has a new buffet with HUNDREDS of things to eat!"

Him and Jason bonded over an infomercial for some kind of spray painting device.

But the best was the other day when he was looking over my shoulder when I was on the computer and an ad popped up. "Oh, that's the Progressive Lady," he says. I said, "How the heck do you know about the Progressive Lady?" "Oh, I saw her on TV."

He makes life really really fun.

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