Thursday, March 7, 2013

God bless understanding teachers

I know I express frustration here at how kids with ADHD and anxiety can be misunderstood, and with good reason given some of the things said and done to Brady over the years, but I have to give a shout-out to the wonderful, compassionate, caring, kind, understanding teachers that are willing to both do things a little different for these kids and also willing to show affection to them too to balance out the hard times.

Kids like these have a lot of hard times and it sure helps when there is plenty of positive reinforcement of their good actions and of them as a human being. One of Brady's teachers said this to me recently:

"I just try to help him make better choices and to stop and think sometimes. He doesn't want to get in trouble."

I just wish that could be the mantra of all teachers with these kids. I will admit, I find the most understanding ones have experienced a "different" kind of a kid somewhere along the line in their life, giving them unique insight. 

But I think with research, time, patience and willingness to do things different, most teachers could come to see these kids in a new light as well

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