Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting your way may not be best

Have you ever dug your feet in about something that you just really wanted or really knew was THE right way to do something? I sure have. Oh geez.

But I try not to, I don't want to do things that way. So when I find myself at an impasse with someone, I do what is always the best thing I can think of: Pray.

This happened recently with my husband and I. I wanted to expand our garden down the hill. He was worried about the water cost (we don't have a well and have been in a terrible drought) and it interfering with his mowing ability down there as there's a lot of grass. He wanted us to look into going two blocks away to a family property and plant it there. It has a well, tools and more space.

Oh I dug my feet in. I didn't want to have to go over there every day. I wanted it right here at home. We went back and forth on this for awhile and were both frustrated.

I finally prayed about it and realized what he was asking was no big deal. Why couldn't we do that? It'd give me exercise walking down there, and Brady could come and help me. I would have more full sun than here and more space and less chance the deer will eat my okra. It actually was a very good solution. And not only that, we could use the bricks we've been mining as a wall around the former garden area down the hill and keep the invention party house Brady designed and it could be a play area for him.

When Brady heard this he was THRILLED! So it worked out better for everyone when I quit digging my feet in. Sometimes not getting your way works out better. I just have to remember that :)

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