Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Ebay can work for anyone

If you're anything like me, you have potential dollars sitting around the house! For 12 years I have sold my unwanted or no longer needed stuff on Ebay, and all of you can too! Some people go to yard and estate sales and find things cheap to resell, but I just look around my house.

The best part about Ebay as a shopper is you can find nearly anything on it. And that is so because just regular people can sell what they already have lying around their house. I have sold men's, women's and kids clothes, jewelry and loose gems, beach glass I found in Florida, books of all kinds, figurines, an antique or two, shoes, DVDs, CDs, books on CD. The strangest - and now saddest - thing I ever sold was a knife my ex-fiance who is now my husband made for me 20 years ago :( I kept it for 9 years after our break up before selling it and contacted the person who bought it, but wasn't able to get it back. Sigh. Live and learn.

But it's pretty easy to sell on there. You find what you want to sell, search "sold listings" as opposed to active ones to see how much recent ones of that item have sold for and price accordingly. Take a few pictures and follow Ebay's "sell an item" steps. Most listings are free anymore. Consider a "buy it now" price as well so you don't have to wait for an auction to end. You'll need to weigh the item and packaging and check shipping rates at and include that.

If you have a bunch of jewelry around you no longer wear, put it in a big "lot" and you can get $10 easy probably. Same goes for books. I just sold a lot of 29 kids books for $10 and Brady and I will split it. And the buyer pays shipping too! Just this week I've sold kids pants, my shoes, an old text book and a hardback fiction book.

You'll need to have a account as well. You can have the money you make deposited into your bank account, but what I do these days is let it accumulate and then use it back on Ebay to buy presents for friends and family. Give it a try! You could make a few extra bucks!


  1. You failed to mention the Ebay AND Paypal fees. Two big reasons why so many Ebay sellers went to Amazon.

    1. You're right, the fees have gone up since I started 14 years ago but I didn't think there was anywhere else as popular for kids clothes, jewelry etc. I hadn't thought about Amazon. I always factor those fees in when I talk about what we made. That's our profit after deducting shipping, fees etc. I'll have to check Amazon out. Thanks!


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