Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Eight Christmases of Brady

Brady was only 1-1/2 months old on his first Christmas. I happened to snap a picture of him in his Christmas outfit on a little rocker/bed/chair we had gotten for him. Then I happened to snap a picture sometime near the next Christmas when he was 1.

It was then I realized I had two pictures in the same chair a year apart! What a wonderful discovery so early on!

Since then I have taken a picture of him in that chair every year around Christmas. It's one of our traditions. He loves to see how in the beginning he only took up half the chair. Next year he filled up most of the chair. Then various appendages began hanging off and he has a variety of different expressions over the years.

This year he decided he wanted to hold it up over his head. Sigh. Is he all boy or what? Look at me, I'm 7 and I'm so strong and big I can hold that chair over my head! He loved looking at it and saying, "I was a baby and I barely fit in the chair, and now I can hold it over my head!"

It's neat to see your child's growth from year to year. I tell people I'm going to get him in, on or near that chair every year at least until he's 18 :)

Merry Christmas!


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    1. Thanks Uncle Dave. It's amazing he went from the little guy to the big guy he is now!


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