Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free & easy slide-show greeting cards with Smilebox

I stopped sending paper holiday cards many years ago. Short on time and money, I went the e-card route. But I wanted there to be something of "us" in the greetings. Then I discovered Smilebox.

Smilebox is my favorite place to send ecards. I like it because you can choose from a wide variety of holiday backgrounds, music, photo arrangements, and you can send to multiple recipients.

Sometimes I like to send different cards to different groups: one to work friends, one to mom friends, one to writer friends, one to family. It's a fun way to catch people up and show some photos, and often I get email replies back from those friends and family so it keeps us in touch.

At this site, I download a quick program from them with hundreds of templates. Now, since I want only "free" cards, the number of templates available is more limited, but that's fine with me. You can put between 1 and 400 photos in a slide-show. You can send them at the holidays or after a family gathering or to grandparents. You can import your email list and send to everyone at once, and you can also post it to Facebook.

To keep it totally free with no strings, just make sure you select "Sort by" and then "Free" and do not choose any with "Premium" associated with them. If you do all that, when you go to send, there will be two options: "Club Smilebox" or "free" and you select "free."

Here's a quick one I made as an example for here:

My Smilebox Slide-show

It's a free, fun way to send greetings any time of the year. Enjoy!

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