Sunday, December 9, 2012

Savings tip: $1 clothes at Walmart

I've always heard people say, "Shop out of season," but just could never quite remember to do that. But since there is a Walmart directly across from my office, I end up going there a lot. Go figure.

And one day I saw a clearance rack with the sign "$1" above it. Well, that was too good to pass up. And since then, I always walk by that area when I'm in Walmart. I have learned they are always marking down their out-of-season clothes and I have gotten many tank tops and long-sleeve knits shirts for $1 a piece. I have also found shoes for myself and my son for $3 and recently stocked up on shorts for $3 a piece.

It is the same for jewelry. I often breeze through their jewelry section to see what is marked down and often find earrings for $1. In fact, my rule for buying clothes at Walmart is it has to be $3 or under (unless perhaps it's a dress or jacket) and jewelry has to be $1 or under. That way I can get some fun new things but never really spend much.

If you wait long enough, what you like will likely be a fraction of its original price.

Check it out! And here are some photos I took with my phone of such deals at my Walmart...


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