Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy in a Small Town

I used to worry I'd be bored living in a small town. HA!

In the last week I had a women's fellowship meeting to decorate the church for Christmas, a friend's 46th birthday party, a date with my mom to see Wreck It Ralph, and then a fundraising dinner at the Methodist church - one of three churches in town - with my mother in law.

In the middle of all that, my husband shot a buck deer and Brady and I went out there in the country in the darkness to help him and my father-in-law, who were gutting the deer and dragging it to the truck. Wow! I had Brady and I zipping all over the place all week long.

And it's often that way. Over the summer we did Vacation Bible Study and I got to lead Brady's class of kindergarten and first-graders, kids he and I both know from his school. In the spring, we'll sign him up for soccer and I'll likely help out.

Next Sunday our church is having a special quartet and a potluck afterwards. The school has book fairs. The town has a Santa's workshop for kids to shop for presents for parents and festivals twice a year. There are often 2 things going on at once and we have to zip from one to the other, or choose which one to do. On Halloween, we did quick trick or treating, then went by the Methodist church where they sort of had a tailgate Halloween with lots of candy and then drove 10 miles to a haunted trails walk.

I had no idea life would be so full here. And not fleetingly full or full just on the surface. But the kind of full where we spend quality time with family, friends, neighbors, teachers, community members and each other. We're building memories and traditions and relationships. It feels very real and grounded. It keeps us busy and with too little time to worry about much :)

I hope you all have as many fun activities in your community.

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