Friday, December 7, 2012

"This was my idea. Was it a good one?"

Sometimes in life we have confirmation of our theories or answers to our questions. Other times we are left to wonder.

Last night, I had confirmation of yesterday's post on saying 'yes' to kids' big ideas.

Brady and I were working on the stick house (now becoming a pine branch house) and were also discussing the "big invention party." In a voice that was somewhat small for Brady, who is usually two degrees beyond boisterous, he said, "This was my idea." He paused, then, "Was it a good one?"

To which of course I said, "Yes, absolutely. It was a great idea!"

Then the moment passed. I was floored how he so clearly asked for confirmation that his ideas were valid. And the act of following through with them is building his self confidence. Wow.

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