Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sharing testimony of God with your kids

I had rather an epiphany in church today. It wasn't unprompted. It was in response to my pastor's talk on us being witnesses of God and Jesus in today's world. There were witnesses those thousands of years ago in His time. But we know what those witnesses knew and saw through the Bible.

And as Christians, we've experienced the life-changing power of God and Jesus. We have testimony from our own lives. And we're supposed to tell about it.

All that I knew. What I didn't think about until today is that I should share that testimony with Brady.

In my mind, I had only thought about sharing with adults. To show to them how my life and who I am as a human being was changed by giving everything over to the Lord.

But why not my kid? At 7, he can understand at least some of what I tell him about my life before and my life now. About how I pray and find answers. About how I even think God guided where I ended up living in South Carolina, a place that would lead me to Him, which is where I needed to be. A co-worker and I each commuted about 25 miles one way to our jobs. That's how we met, at work, 25 miles away from home.

But he attended a church just a half-mile from where I lived. I went to the church and felt good there. I sought out a similar church in Florida. During a difficult life time there, I was saved. I needed salvation and God led me to it.

As an aside, God makes the best of both our good and bad life situations. A sermon in that church in Florida later led to me emailing my now-husband, then ex-fiance. When I look back the path is rather stunning. I never would have imagined being where I am (and I have a pretty good imagination!)

I should tell Brady about these things. That I have seen and heard and felt God work in my very own life. Maybe I can help him see it work in his life, to begin to learn to have faith. We do pray for a boy at school and that boy has been doing better and we thank God for that.

But how much more powerful to see it work with him and with me. I don't know why these ideas take so long for me to see, but I will start using that in our bedtime talking stories, moments I feel God worked in my life.

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