Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exploring outdoors: what's in your neighborhood?

Ever since he could walk, Brady and I have explored our neighborhood. 

This started in South Carolina, continued in Florida and is part of our weekend routine here in Kansas.

This weekend we went down to an old rock ford where wagons used to cross the river. Downstream from that is an old platform where a dam once held the river back and my father-in-law once swam as a kid.

How exciting.

On our walks over the years, we have found not only history and neighbors, but also old bottles and cans, a $20 bill, boxes of golf balls and golf tees he sent to his Grandpa, a wading pool left for the trash collectors, all manner of creatures from baby turtles to frogs to snakes to rabbits, raccoons, bats, deer, birds and bugs.

But more than that, we've found each other. I cannot tell you how many wonderful conversations Brady and I have had in the wide open quiet world. He imagines adventures and regales me with these tales, he tells me of school friends, of fears and dreams, of what he wants to be someday.

He learns to trust me and I learn to trust him. There are teaching opportunities aplenty as we work our minds and bodies. My favorite thing is that there are no distractions: no TV, no music, no computers, no games, no cars. Nothing competing for our attention. Just us and who we are. Here are some photos of our latest exploits. You would not believe this huge cool tree! It was awesome!

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