Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's spring, but I can't wait for fall!

I'm so excited about spring, but I can't help thinking about fall and here's why.

Oh my gosh, fall brings gallons and gallons of glorious mulberries! Brady and I collect them ourselves from all over town.

And after that, the apples are ripe and we harvest bags and bags full and make pies and muffins and applesauce and everything! Sometimes pears and peaches too if we have friends with fruit trees.

And then all the squash comes ready and we'll have some from our garden but we often get them from friends and family and neighbors too and either stuff them or baste them in butter and honey and bake. More wonderful food.

And then there's dove season and turkey season and we make such wonderful, high-quality protein food for our bodies.

And, and, and... we'll be SO hot from summer and the break in temperature will be such a treat, just as this warm trend is a treat from the winter. And even summer is great because the pools will be open! Yay! Swimming! And school is out! Yay! Oh and then winter comes again and we can sled and look for deer tracks and there will be no poison ivy and ticks and mosquitoes.

My goodness, every seasons is just full of joy, isn't it? Guess I can't wait for tomorrow and then next tomorrow, and God willing, thousands of tomorrows to come each with their unique blessing. Here are a few photos of what I can't wait for when fall comes around:


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