Saturday, April 27, 2013

Funny things Brady says ... about termites...

So we had a long winding discussion off and on today about the purpose of God's many creatures on this earth. It came about in response to his rather rough treatment of an ant. My rule is if we aren't going to eat it and it is not a threat to our home or family, we leave it alone. Even an ant. It's one of God's creatures too and I see no sense in being cruel to it and kindness at such a basic level at such a young age, I hope, will lead to greater kindness to human beings as an adult.

Lord knows we need it in this world.

Anyway, we had lots of discussions like, "Those fruits and vegetables we love? There wouldn't be any without bees and wasps."

And, "Ants are the base of the food chain. They provide food for things a little larger who are food for even bigger things."

And, "Rats and mice are food for larger predators like coyotes, who keep the deer in check so they don't eat all the crops, and snakes keep the rodent population under control and snakes are also food for birds and other animals. And bats, everyone grumbles about bats, but just think how many mosquitoes would be around without them!"

Then something hit me. I said, "Brady, did you know even termites have a purpose?"

Without missing a beat, he says, "Is it to keep the house population under control?"

Oh my gosh we both cracked up. It was absolutely hilarious. But honestly, even termites, out in the country of course away from houses serve to break down wood into bits that make a nice rich soil and foster new growth. The world is a beautiful place.

Tonight he asked me, "Why did God make poison ivy?"

My only answer was, "I think I must be to help us learn to pray more cuz I sure did a lot of that when I had it!"

He thought that sounded just about right.

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