Monday, April 29, 2013

Aldi can save money on healthy foods!

It's no secret Aldi is my favorite store in the universe! (Or that I'm prone to grandiose statements!)

But to the left is why it's my favorite.

For a total with tax of $15, I got two 20-ounce loaves of 100% whole wheat bread, a dozen large eggs, a gallon of 2% milk, two 1-pound packages of strawberries, 3 pounds of apples, 6 kiwis and a sleeve of 50-calorie-a-piece caramel corn rice cakes (which, BONUS, Brady loves!).

They have such good prices on whole healthful foods like these. At Walmart, I'd estimate paying close to $20, maybe more after tax. These are all things I buy a lot of and the prices at Aldi are significantly lower than Walmart.

Unfortunately the closest one to me is half an hour away (in Florida we had a store called Sav-A-Lot which was very similar), so I have to make do with Walmart most of the time, but whenever I can I stock up at Aldi.


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    1. Now there's a familiar face! :) Just went to Aldi this morning and scored a gallon of milk, 3 lbs of strawberries and 6 avocados for $6.98 after tax.


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