Monday, April 29, 2013

Behavior booster: The Behavior Notebook

In light of some frustrating events at school in the past week and a meeting between school staff and myself, Brady's wonderful first-grade teacher came up with an idea. I had read about this idea before but there hadn't been a reason to use it until now.

It's the Behavior Notebook (see Friday's very happy entry to the left!).

For Brady, whenever something can be tangible and on paper, it helps. In this case, his teacher can relay to me anything that went on during the day that we need to work on from home. I can read it to Brady and he can see an adult's perspective on whatever it was that happened.

There are times, I am absolutely certain, he processes an event differently than the adults around him. For him to hear her words (which are always kind), he can begin to see how others may view things.

Not only that, she can also tell me the positive things he's done (music class was great today!) so that we aren't always focused on what has gone wrong. We can see progress day after day. Things are mostly good, but here's what we need to work on.

And even more, it makes her and I a team, one that is working together for Brady's best interest. She writes a note about the day, sends it home in his backpack, then I can write a note and send it back to her. We can communicate on what each of us is doing. This daily communication is great.

I have no idea what other 7-year-olds typically do, but I have to say I am absolutely blessed and grateful for Brady's honesty. Even before we started this behavior notebook, he would tell me anything that happened that day. Sometimes I'd come home and get an email and be able to write back, "Well, Brady told me what happened before I even saw this..."

I really would recommend this type of tangible, daily communication if it's possible. It keeps everyone accountable and connected. Perhaps you could use this at a day care, the babysitter's, grandma's house, church Sunday school, any place your child may be.

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