Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lessons from church: JC is our ID

Good ole KS ID, but it's not "me."
I didn't used to go to church. Not for years at a time.

Now, if I miss a few weeks, I feel it. My spirit sags. It seems harder to focus on and live by my faith. And when I finally get back to where I need to be - in a building full of people with a heart for God - my spirit inflates again like a balloon. Whoosh.

What joy!

Maybe not everyone is this way. But for me, just sharing my faith with others, a communal love of the Lord with the goal of living better to honor Him, is inspiring. I learn. I grow. My heart swells and I step out renewed.

This past Sunday was one such time when I had been away from church for weeks for various reasons. And the message when I returned was a powerful one.

The basic nuts-and-bolts premise: JC is our ID

My pastor of course said it all much more fluently, but I will summarize what I heard and what it meant to me. 

There are lots of things we define and identify ourselves with. Our spouse, kids, job, home, education, upbringing, family, friends, appearance, health, car, clothes. We (or me at least) find our minds wondering what others think or will think.

But the thing is, any of those could be fleeting. Marriages break up. Jobs are lost. Kids grow up and leave. Homes and cars can be destroyed. Friends and family move. Our health can deteriorate. Memories fade.

God and Christ are constant. Who we are in Them is constant. I think if we define ourselves that way, we will be much more at peace.

When you get caught up in the trappings of the day, just remember: JC is our ID


  1. totally with you on that, sister. :)
    Thanks for posting, and I completely agree.
    In today's world that is one tough road to take sometimes, because it will not win you friends. :)
    ~Heather @ The Welcoming House Blog

    1. You know, I can see that it is a tough road sometimes. It's hard to be outspoken about your faith because some people act like you're crazy.

  2. Great truth--we can only find total satisfaction, fulfillment, and true joy in Him!

  3. That is so true. I'm just like you. If I miss church for a week or two I don't feel the same either. I like the fellowship of the church members. Hope you're having a great week!

  4. I haven't gone to church in a really long time for various reasons, but I hear what you are saying. There is a peace you feel when attending church, and being surrounded by others who share in that peace- it's a nice feeling.

    1. Yes, I get a feeling in church that I don't get anywhere else. I didn't have it for years and now I miss it when I don't have it :)


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