Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet things Brady says... about Mom's love...

Brady is blessed to have a wonderful sitter (our pastor's daughter) two days during the summer and a few afternoons a week during the school year.

Earlier this summer, she led a Five Day Club as a spiritual counselor. Brady was able to sit in during two of the days.

At one point during the lesson, she said something along the lines of "God loves us more than anyone."

To which Brady's arm shot up and he said, "My mom loves me more than God!"

While we will continue to work on the idea of just what God's love means, in the meantime I will take joy in the fact that he believes in my love with all his heart. Thank goodness. I always said the best gift my Mom ever gave me was a complete and total belief in her love for me no matter what.

I never doubted it my entire life, ever. And I hope and pray Brady takes that gift with him through life as well.


  1. That just made me smile. I think mommy's love is a big as God's love. Great to know that he knows that you love him and will always be there. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. I think He gave us moms huge hearts for our kiddos :) Aren't we lucky. I just think it's adorable he has no problem in our pastor's home sharing his thoughts about it, LOL.

  2. When an Allstate commercial comes on, and the narrator says, "You're in good hands with Allstate," Peanut says every.single.time. "I'm in Mama's hands and that's better." Oh man I love that kid. Kids see things so clearly at times.

  3. LOL, Missy, that is absolutely adorable! How old is Peanut? Smart kiddo, that one!


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