Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KS flood photos: the river broke free!

We have the opposite of drought right now. Rivers are rising. Creek beds that have been dry for the two years Brady and I have lived here - creek beds we've walked down countless times - have swollen and are up over the road. Some cities have had flash-floods that caught motorists off-guard.

I just thought I'd share some of what we're seeing in our little town right now with all the rains. We've prayed for rain and now we've got it. Mother Nature, she's feast or famine sometimes, isn't she?

These are in several areas around town.
That's where we stopped and turned around.
Wow, that's a lot of water.
Soppy hay.
Brady and I once looked way way down off this bridge and saw a skunk walking at the bottom.
Wet corn.


  1. It's so hard for water to soak into ultra-dry ground. We've had a lot of the same situations here.

    1. And now the ground and rivers are so full of water, everything just floods. Ugh. Hope it calms down for you there!

  2. oh my! And I'm so glad you turned around. Never drive through standing water! ;)

    1. Yes, so true! I've heard just horribly tragic stories about people thinking they could make it. And scary ones about when the flash flood first hits and no one expects it.


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