Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer playdates keep us social!

We're working hard on reading this summer. I've heard that kids can lose ground when they're out of school for so long. But it occurred to me the other day that we need to keep our social skills sharp too!

This may be easier for parents who have family nearby with similarly aged cousins or who have lots of kids in the neighborhood where they live. We don't have that here.  

So we are trying to schedule as many play dates as we can and it has been so much fun! It keeps the kid's relationships strong and helps with the missing of friends. Brady has been mopey about missing his buddies since the start of summer.

I also like connecting with the kiddos' parents, especially since in a small town we'll be together for a lot of years to come. It gets you out of the house, helps stave off some of the boredom of summer and we all get to know each other better!

Some play date ideas:

Go for a walk or hike
City pool
Mall play area
Backyard pool
Backyard sprinkler
Soccer or other sports
Kids museum
Bicycle rides
Library visit
Bounce house


  1. It looks like he had a great time!! :)

    1. We both did! Gosh I love the pool. It's my favorite thing about summer.

  2. Mikala and I love the pool too! We sure had a great time with you guys!

  3. Lots of good ideas! Our public library hosts a lot of events too that make for good "playdates" don't have to plan anything and it is free!

    1. Libraries are awesome. In Florida, they always made a big production out of the summer book club. Here in our small town, we just always run into someone we know :)


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