Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Only in a small town ... sitting downtown

Brady and I ride and walk all over town all the time. We usually see a lot of people in our travels but we don't stay in place for long.

Today we rode up town and got a "pop" (Brady won't let me call it "soda" anymore since we live in Kansas now and he's certain the people won't know what I'm talking about) from the 75-cent vending machine in front of the restaurant, then plopped on a bench and shared it.

In the 10 minutes we spent sitting there, we saw the town cop (to which Brady hollered, "My mom says I shouldn't holler at police!" followed quickly by, "Do you ever arrest people?"). The town cop is a good sport and he hollered back across Main Street from the post office. Brady said, "I didn't know police went to the post office."

We then saw a friend of ours who is the mom of one of Brady's classmates and good friends, on her way to work at the restaurant. And we saw three different ladies from our church.

I just love living here.

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