Tuesday, June 18, 2013

America's wheat harvest is here!

One of the things I love about hunting, gathering and gardening is that my son gets to see where the food we eat comes from. I'm convinced the more he knows about what our food IS, the healthier his relationship with food will be.

Right now we are thinking about where bread and flour come from. Wheat harvest is beginning in Kansas and I hope to document it as it goes along.

The transformation of the wheat throughout the year is amazing. It's planted in winter and little green shoots come up. They stay small in the cold and are used to feed grazing cattle.

Then when spring starts to warm things up, big green stalks shoot up. They stay deep green for awhile and when temperatures start breaking 80 and 90, a subtle golden hue starts creeping in. Then, oh my goodness, they are all of a sudden fields of wavy golden stalks.

We're there now. In the Heartland, the landscape is golden and soon it will be dotted with busy combines and grain trucks and dust floating up. It's a busy time here. An exciting time. Everyone hopes for a good yield and good prices.

Here's a photo of what the wheat looks like right now and a few photos from our combine trip last year. I hope we get to go again this year!
A neat farm I saw on a drive recently.
The grain elevator across the street from us. It will be a busy place soon.
Brady's 2012 harvest combine ride.



  1. That is so cool to be able to see it up close and personal. What a lucky kid!

    1. He loves it! There's something really fascinating about combines.

  2. I love taking my kids to farms they think it is the coolest thing ever

    1. It's so exciting for kids to see where food comes from! Heck, it's exciting for adults too!


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