Monday, June 3, 2013

Offering a kindness when no one knows

I guess by writing this blog post I am somewhat negating what I'm saying because now someone knows! LOL!

But that's okay, the idea remains the same and I'll continue to do these things when in that moment the only ones that will know are me and God. And whoever is with me, I guess!

A pastor once had a wonderful sermon about doing things for others even when no one else will know about it. Because it makes us feel good. Because it helps our fellow man. Because that's what God would want. Because it's the right thing to do.

It struck a cord with me and I try to do it. There are lots of ways a person can pay forward a kindness not even to a stranger but to someone you will never see, meet or even witness their making use of what you have done.

These are simple things. Here are ways I try to do this. And I find it lifts my spirits during the day. If you can think of and be kind toward faceless phantoms who will come down the path after you've left, how much easier will it be to be kind to those closest to you?

When I go to the store, unless I'm in a HUGE hurry, am sick or have someone with me who has difficulty walking, I never ever ever park in the closest spot. I save it for someone else. I don't need it. It's not all about me. I hope the person who gets it finds a little joy in their day. I found joy by not taking it.

Whenever I get a great coupon I won't use - $10 off baby formula, for example, which I have no idea why I still get these - I take it to Walmart anyway and leave it by that item. I hope it gives someone a little joy and extra money.

When I see a turtle in the road, yes, I stop and save him. The other day Brady and I pulled off the road and this poor guy was just about to get it from a truck. Brady and I both cried, "I can't look!" We hid our eyes and only looked up after the truck had passed. But the guy was okay!

I ran out when it was safe and moved him on. Now, I guess Brady and the turtle knew about that, but still, it is just a small kindness, that maybe will not only help the turtle but spare some person the guilt of hitting him or the child the trauma of seeing it.

There are thousands of little ways a person could do an unseen kindness. The pastor said more longtime church-goers could sit in the center part of the church leaving the aisle seats open so that newcomers wouldn't feel nervous having to come way up front or squeeze past people to get a seat.

Another might be picking up trash you find that has blown into someone's yard if you're on a walk. Or putting back a grocery cart that has been left in the parking lot blocking a parking space. Or donating something really nice to a Goodwill.

Think on it a bit. What could you do in life that might make someone else's day easier, better, brighter, smoother just by your single act? They will never know you. You will never know them. But the act and its beauty still remain, a bright spot in the universe.


  1. Those little things really do matter. I do the parking spot thing and coupons. I call them the Coupon Angel and will be sure to tell my coupon friends where to find extra ones at.

    I live in an area where there are so many elderly people and if I can help them with their groceries to their car or pick something off the floor for them, then I will take the time.

    I also just recently started working at Feed The Need Garden. Wonderful woman started a garden which has grown to help feed others in our county. She also teaches others how to garden and put up and keep produce you grow. Its hard and sweaty work, but so worth it!!

    1. The Coupon Angel. I love that! That garden sounds awesome. There is a community garden in little Hoisington, Kansas, where they donate produce to the food bank. It's just so cool to see those things happen. The more things you do for others, the more it brings back to you! I think that's so amazing!


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