Thursday, October 31, 2013

Influenster: Try products free & share

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post free of charge to try and review from Influenster. I was not compensated monetarily and all opinions are completely honest and my own. 

I want to share something I only recently learned about and have so far enjoyed. I first heard about Influenster when I read this post at the blog, A Beautiful Ruckus.

It sounded like so much fun, I had to try it out! And so far, so good.

Here is what I received in my first box of goodies to try and then share on various social media.

Whenever I get a box, I will post what was in it and offer a brief review of the items and also remind you about the Influenster program in case you or someone you know wants to sign up.

Before reviewing the products, here's how you can join. Go to this link at Influenster and request an invite. It may take a little time for approval but it is worth the wait.

The basic premise is this:
  1. You request an invite and are hopefully approved. 
  2. You sign up for a particular themed box (Mine was the MamaVox Box). 
  3. The box arrives and you try the products.
  4. You go on various social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - and post photos of what you received and what you thought, making sure to disclose that you received the items for free. You will also take a post-trial survey that is required to continue participating in the program.
  5. As you share on social media, you earn more points at Influenster and qualify for more boxes.
Now on to the products.

belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits 
 $3.69 (I'm not sure how many come in the package, I only received one)

Brand description: "Baked with hearty whole grains, belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits are delicious, nutritious and give you satisfying morning energy to start your day off right."

My take: This tasted WONDERFUL. Like a cookie. It was Oats & Chocolate. And it honestly did tide me over for a good long while. However, 1 biscuit has 200 calories, 10g sugars and 7 grams of fat, so you'd want to stick with one. But it also has 5 g of fiber and was really scrumptious.

Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles 

Brand description: "Uniquely designed to provide all-day comfort. They absorb shock and impact on the heel and help protect the sensitive ball of foot area. Best of all they work great in a variety of shoes, including flats and boots."

My take: For most ladies these would be great. But with my size 9 foot, they were too short. These were the 3/4 length design so you don't have to cut them and they don't crowd your toes, but my foot either sticks out at the heel or the toes. BUT ... where they do lay against my foot, they are very very comfy. I put them in boots and it makes my foot feel supported and cushioned. I just would get a full size one if I were purchasing.

Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream 

Brand description: It's not your ordinary BB! With tone perfecting complex, it delivers the instant results you have come to expect from BB creams. Plus the long term benefit of more even toned skin. How? First it delivers a special pigment system designed to blend flawlessly into skin to immediately conceal imperfections. Then, it keeps working to target the source of dark spots on the skin's surface, visibly fading them over time. 

My take: I had to Google "BB cream" just to know what it was. How sad is that? Apparently it's been all the rage since 2011, but I was oblivious. I have to say, it is my favorite-est thing I got in the box. I don't use foundation nor do I like mineral powders. THIS, I like. It's very light and airy. I don't use a whole lot, but it smooths out my skin, serves as concealer too, my blush and powder stays on better and it also has SPF 15. I'm terrible about using sunscreen on a daily basis, so I love that this has it. This is the item I am most likely to purchase again.

Annie's Microwavable Mac and Cheese Cup
$1.69 for single/$3.29 multi-pack

Brand description: "Introducing Annie's microwavable mac & cheese cups with 100 % real cheese! All of the goodness of Annie's mac & cheese and ready in just about two minutes."

My take: I liked it, but hubby didn't. He said there was a funny taste but I'm thinking it was maybe the organic coconut oil. I like Annie's products in general and it tasted like standard mac & cheese, a good quick snack. The cup has 220 calories, 5 g of fat, 2 g fiber and only 3 g sugar. I think it would be great at work or on the run.


  1. I have a Vox box on its way to me and I can't wait to see what's in it!

    1. Oh, you do? Which one is that? It really is fun to try them.

  2. I had signed up, but didn't understand what to do next. Thanks for explaining it to me.

  3. I haven't had enough points to get a vox box yet. I think I am at 68. How many do you have to be at?

    1. I honestly don't know that. I'm at somewhere in the 70s now. I just finished the final survey so haven't heard about another box yet.

  4. This sounds so cool! Is there an allergy free box? Lol. I'm going to go check this out.

  5. Oh geez. I signed up too and then wondered why I hadn't heard anything or even gotten emails from them. I guess it's operator error and I need to request something!

    1. Well, send an email and see what they send back. I think they're in between box promotions right now, but I could be wrong. I'm still learning the ropes.


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