Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese rewards calendars

I just learned while researching reading programs at Chuck E. Cheese that they offer a wide variety of rewards calendars tackling everything from behavior to tooth care to chores, sleeping and sports.

You keep track of the particular activity and when they meet their goal, the child gets 10 free tokens. A food purchase is required, but you could get something small and limit their tokens to the 10 - plus they have a free play place area - to keep it inexpensive.

After recently going to Chuck E. Cheese I think it would be a fun way to target a particular area Brady is working on.


  1. This is pretty interesting. We don't have one by us, but I'll file this for future reference and pin it for others.

    1. Thanks. It is actually a fun place. I had thought it would be too crazy but the one we went to was just right. Hubby, Brady and I all had fun. It's about 1 hour 15 mins away.

  2. My whole family (19) of us just did this. It was K-5 graduation party celebrations, and so were going anyway--but I found those. So we got 120 free tokens (10 for 12 kids.) It was a nice extra.


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