Friday, August 30, 2013

Sweet things Brady says... God is real

During a discussion about God and the seemingly impossible "magical" things that happen in the Bible:

B: "You know how I know God is real?"

Me: "How?"

B: "When I have scary thoughts, I pray to God and then they're all gone!"

Wow. I wish I had learned that at 7. I wish I did a better job of it now at 42.

Dear God, please help him to remember this and keep that faith in his heart every day. I don't want to raise him just to believe. I hope and pray he will live it. Amen.


  1. So sweet. Sometimes we can learn a lot from a kiddo. I love the simplicity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, amazing how it goes sometimes: jus the simple stuff that in varying degrees needs to be repeated and expanded upon. I like the short prayer!


    1. Thanks, I have to remember that prayer and keep saying it! It's what I truly want to do.

  3. He's such a sweetie. Love hearing the things he has to say. :)


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