Monday, November 26, 2012

Homemade Dry Stuffing and bread crumbs

If anyone has kids that don't like bread crusts (like mine!) or a family that won't touch the ends of the bread or any rolls that get too hard or stale, I have a great idea via my very frugal husband. I kept throwing away the cut off crusts of my son's peanut butter sandwich. My husband said, "Can't you do something with those?"

Hmmm... let me see. So I researched ideas online and at first I dried them and used them to make bread crumbs, doing something like this, though I used my smoothie maker. Even a coffee bean grinder would work:

Then when I had a bunch of that, I decided to research recipes for homemade dry stuffing mix and found this one:

And made five bags of it! We cooked it up like the recipe and it was great! All with bread crumbs from my son's sandwiches. Now this time of year, I was able to get boxes of Stove Top for 50 cents a piece, but this was something I made from something I had been wasting. How cool! Thanks hubby!

Bread pudding is another idea, but I haven't tried that... yet!


  1. Oh my gosh, bread pudding is amazing!! Yum. The stuffing mix is a cool idea!

  2. I decided to research recipes for survival warehouse reviews homemade dry stuffing mix and found this one:


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