Monday, November 26, 2012

Earn money free: From Inbox Dollars

Over the weekend, I told you about and - two sites where I make money by doing very little. Well, today I have the 3rd website I use. But before I get into that, I just HAVE to tell you about All You Magazine's Daily Freebies. I signed up for their email and get them once per day. They point you to freebies and samples from all kinds of companies, from food to make up. And today, ONLY FOR TODAY, is a free Santa Hat. So stop by All You and check out how to get today's freebie, then sign up for the daily email while you're at it! I tell my husband that going to the mailbox is like Christmas because I end up with so many samples and free magazines (I get, at the very least, 6 free magazines, more likely closer to 10. I just can't think of them all right now!)

And now to I started using this website about a year ago, based on a recommendation from The Money Saving Mom and it works great! Like MyPoints, I get a few emails a day, I click on links, sometimes take surveys, watch videos, check my credit score, sometimes sign up for newsletters or websites or "like" somebody on Facebook. And money racks up. In that year's time, I have gotten 2 checks for $27 a piece. Just like that!

It sounds crazy, I know, but it really truly is nothing more than what I have described. And in none of these cases do I have to give a credit card or any extensive information. It's basically an advertising network, I guess, and that's how they make money. I have a time or two shopped using a link through MyPoints and gotten points that way, one time I used them to switch car insurance and got 5,000 points. But usually it's no more than simple things with no strings longer than an email newsletter I can unsubscribe from later if I don't want it anymore.

So now we have $40 per year for Pizza Hut from MyPoints, $30-$40 per year to Amazon from Swagbucks and now $54 in cash from Inbox Dollars. Just one more much smaller one tomorrow. Wow! It's true, I really really mean it. Give it a try!

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