Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Country Photo Essay

I was looking for a new background photo and took a bunch of pictures around the north end of town. I thought they were pretty cool, nice scenes of fall in the Midwest (It was 15 degrees here this morning!), so here are a few of them:

Nice view from our side yard of fields and an old house.

 There are a lot of birds flying through this time of year heading South.

Main Street in a small town, it's like the heart, all activity extends from there :)

No leaves to be found anywhere this time of year!

Grain elevators are as majestic to me as skyscrapers. Tall and imposing and important. 

Winter Wheat is growing!

No telling where a country road might take you.

We collect mulberries off this path in the summer as well as walk it and bike it. It's amazing how Brady's imagination runs wild when we are out walking. He imagines so many things about where we might be and what we might be doing.


  1. Lovely! The last image particularly sparks my imagination...I can imagine lots of adventures there!

    1. Thank you! We go down that path a lot. It used to be the old railroad bed. I have some photos of us going down a nearby dry creek bed I think you'll like :)


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