Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rice krispie treats & free book? Double score!

I made a glorious discovery the other day. If your family likes rice krispie treats like mine does (my boys get very mopey if we run out) you can both have a treat AND get a free book.

I signed up for one already and am ordering another today.

These are on the 18-count boxes and maybe other Kelloggs products as well. You buy the box, then go to Kelloggs and enter a special code from inside the box.

I've ordered Finding the Titanic and April Fool's Surprise. They say it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get them.

Treats and a free book? Double score!


  1. That is a double score! WIll have to find these boxes when I go to the commissary. The kids love rice krispy treats and I love free books. :)

  2. Oh cool, I have not seen those before! (the free book boxes I mean, of course I've seen rice krispies)

    1. LOL! I hope you can find them! I think they are on more than rice krispies. (Wow! Brady just read that comment back to me! Our reading work is paying off!)

  3. Nice, thanks for showing us a great deal!


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