Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest contributing at One Smiley Monkey

I am happy to share that I am now a guest contributor/reviewer at the blog One Smiley Monkey. In a nutshell it features, "the latest green, useful and unique family friendly products and services." There are lots of reviews, giveaways, recipes, parenting, homemaking and health tips. Here is the about page for One Smiley Monkey.

I'll be contributing reviews and posts there each month. I'm stoked!

My first post went up yesterday and it is a review of a Halloween movie. If you have a minute, head on over and check it out! Thanks! 


  1. How cool is this? Congratulations friend!

    1. Thanks Missy! I just love to write and it's fun to do it as a contributor elsewhere too.

  2. Hi Steph. That is awesome! Congratulations. I will go check it out.

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like fun! Going to check it out now...

  4. Lucky you! I'm off to check out your movie post.

  5. Congratulations! Great review of the Square Pumpkin movie. It's so cool that its the spokes person (pumpkin) for bullying. Well done.


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